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  1. What is your discipline policy?

    We don’t use time- outs.  We guide your child in the right direction by modeling appropriate behavior, showing your child how to be calm and respectful.  We will re-direct and teach them how to solve their issue independently by giving them the language to use or facilitate.
  2. Why do you have mixed age classes?

    The philosophy behind this is so children can learn the skills to be a leader, a mentoring factor and for children who are an only child; they get the ability to learn how it feels to have siblings. Children learn to be warm and supportive communities. It also teaches them to be independent.
  3. Villa Montessori Offers Full-Day, In-Person Kindergarten Program

    Did you know that Villa Montessori offers a full-day, IN-PERSON kindergarten program? Fully-accredited by Cognia [ https://www.cognia.org/news-events/media-room/], the industry’s leading accreditation and certification institution, our program features a full day of in-person learning and discovery taught in the Montessori method that is lovingly customized to each child – not the “one-size-fits all” curriculum embraced by… Continue Reading »
  4. Building Preschool Writing Skills, the Montessori Way

    Many parents don’t know where to start when it comes to the education of their pre-school aged children. Learning early writing skills is often not at the top of the list of things to teach, but is a fundamental skill that is best started early. Montessori educators are great at helping children be their best,… Continue Reading »
  5. Life of a Montessori Teacher

    If you have an interest in becoming an educator, then you might consider teaching at a Montessori School. Montessori style learning is much different than other forms of education. The environment is more child-centered, and each child is given individualized attention. A typical day for a Montessori teacher is also very different when compared to… Continue Reading »
  6. How to Help Your Toddler Communicate

    It’s hard being a toddler. During these precious months, your little one is in full-swing, learning, growing, and gaining some independence. You’ve probably heard that children learn the most during their first three years of life. We call that extraordinary period of time the phase of “the absorbent mind.” The Montessori method of education takes… Continue Reading »
  7. How The Montessori School Changed My Perspective of Education

    Like most parents, I wanted the best for my child’s education and future. As I visited countless websites and took many on-site tours of schools and programs, my concerns began to grow. The time out chairs and rigorous setting made me rethink the social structures our current educational system holds. I found information online about… Continue Reading »
  8. The Reggio Emilia Philosophy

    Reggio Emilia is a city in Italy that is world renowned for its early education philosophy. This unique approach to learning was created by psychologist Loris Malaguzzi after the end of World War II. It was believed that children needed a new way of learning after the war ended. This style of teaching is based… Continue Reading »