Category: Kindergarten

  1. Understanding Self-Regulation From A Montessori Perspective

    Parenting is a journey filled with milestones, challenges, and the continuous quest to nurture children into confident, independent, and responsible individuals who can navigate life with confidence and resilience. The Montessori approach places a strong emphasis on self-regulation as a key component in a child’s holistic development. In this blog, we’ll explore what self-regulation means… Continue Reading »
  2. When Toys Take Over: The Trouble with Too Many Toys

    As parents, we want the best for our children and strive to make their childhood as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. This often translates into a surplus of toys as we are driven by the belief that a variety of toys will keep our children happy, occupied, and entertained. The toy industry is quick to… Continue Reading »
  3. Unlocking the Magic of Montessori: Why Writing Comes Before Reading

    Have you walked into a Montessori classroom and observed children more focused on writing than reading? Have you also wondered why your child’s Montessori classroom focuses on writing before reading? If yes, you’re not alone. One of the distinctive features of the Montessori pedagogy is its emphasis on writing as the precursor to reading. Why,… Continue Reading »
  4. The Importance of the Third Year

    Every year thousands of Montessori parents whose children are about to move up to kindergarten face a common dilemma: Do they allow their child to remain in a Montessori environment or do they transfer their children to a more traditional kindergarten program? Although there are plenty of issues that factor into this important decision, most… Continue Reading »