Summer Program

Young Leaders S.T.E.A.M. Camps (ages 6 -12)

June 8 – 12 – Future Gardeners

Find your green thumb and get dirty this week! Learn about different plants and flowers, create your own flower arrangements, and help restore our gardens here at Stone Ridge Montessori. Explore with your senses with fun plant themed science experiments, learn about germination and create the garden of your dreams.

June 15 – 19 – Camping Adventure

Grab your camping gear and stake your claim!  We are going on a camping adventure.  Build a tent and campfire, learn some survival skills and learn the importance of nature and their creatures thatSummer Programdwell within.  We’ll sing songs, tell stories, and create different variations of s’mores!

June 22 – 26 – Sports Week

Lace up your sneakers and get ready to play! Join us as we learn about and explore different games
and sports throughout the world.  Put on your favorite team jersey and play some games.  Learn about team building, collaboration and explore your imagination skills as you create your own games!

July 6 – 10 – Under the Sea

Grab your scuba gear and dive deep into the world of the seas!  Learn about the layers of the ocean and what animals reside there, swim through the different oceans of the world, and hitch a ride on a stingray to explore coral reefs!  Create ocean themed snacks and desserts and build your own submarine.  See the ocean through the eyes of a shark through virtual cams and explore with your senses with various arts and crafts!

July 13 – 17 – Artists Week

Channel your inner artist and create beautiful masterpieces! Learn about different artists throughout the ages and create your own pieces inspired by them.  Explore different art mediums and showcase your work with an end of the week art show!

July 20 -24 – Lego Week

Leave your kits at home and explore with loose pieces of Legos! Use your imagination and collaboration skills to build, construct and create original Lego works.  Use your problem-solving skills and create bridges and building that can withstand weight.  Join us for a week of Lego fun!

July 27 – 31 – Surviving the Rainforest

Grab your bug spray and hiking boots and explore the Rainforest! Gain the explorers heart and get lost in the layers of the rainforest.  Learn about the different animals and habitats of the rainforest, create various art projects, and make some edible frog slime.  Grab your flight and let’s head down to the Amazon!

August 3 – 7 – Robotics!

Strap on your thinking caps and put yourself into an inventor’s chair!  Learn about the world of robots: how they were created, how they work, and their purposes.  Create your own robot while building critical thinking and coloration skills!

August 10 – 14 – World Travelers 

Grab your passport and travel the world! Join us as we hit the 7 continents and learn about different cultures, way of living and customs.  Explore with your senses as bake and taste different food, create various art projects, recreate traditional holidays, and create peace.  Join us as we become world travelers!