Villa Montessori Offers Full-Day, In-Person Kindergarten Program

Did you know that Villa Montessori offers a full-day, IN-PERSON kindergarten program?

Fully-accredited by Cognia [], the industry’s leading accreditation and certification institution, our program features a full day of in-person learning and discovery taught in the Montessori method that is lovingly customized to each child – not the “one-size-fits all” curriculum embraced by many other local schools.  As a member of the Virginia Council for Private Education (VCPE –, you can be assured that our kindergarten program is recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a fully accredited private school allowing for seamless integration into the public school system as a first-grader upon graduation.

The day runs from 8-5 PM and begins in a mixed-age classroom of 3-6 year-olds where children participate in regular Montessori activities. After a break for lunch and outside play, kindergartners receive specific instruction for two hours in the afternoon, covering standard kindergarten subjects such as language arts and math. Children then participate in Reggio activities and other structured instruction, until the day ends at 5 PM. The same lead teacher helms both the morning and afternoon classrooms, forming a close bond with the students.

A huge benefit of Montessori instruction is that it is customized to the child and paced accordingly. This is great news for a child who might be advanced in math or reading and performing at a higher level. Conversely, special attention also can be given to children who are struggling and need more academic attention. Additionally, children can enroll in our kindergarten program as long as they turn five by the end of the calendar year vs. turning five by September 30th – which is the policy at most local public schools.

Our school-year officially begins on Tuesday, September 8th, and a few coveted spots are still available in our kindergarten classroom.  To learn how your child can grow and thrive in Villa Montessori’s individualized, accredited and IN-PERSON kindergarten program – please click HERE.

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